Who Loves Me? 

“More than the rivers, More than the seas, More than the tallest of towering trees”

Children need to know they are loved. With this lyrical rhymes feature book, you can personalize the child’s first name, last name, gender and the names of six people who love the child.
You can use up to 30 characters (including spaces) to name that person(s). Which means the name can be the whole family just for one page: “Mommy and Daddy, Jodi and Joe” (29 characters).

You get to personalize exactly who loves your baby using your own names and choosing the order. The “Who Loves Me?” encourages the baby to respond to the question of “how much” with “so much”.

I think this is a great book to get if you are looking to invest in something that you and your child can do together and enjoy it for a long time. As you or your child reads the book, they periodically see their name, their friend’s name, their pet’s name and a big smile shows up on their face as the story is about them.

You can also look inside the book here.

Award:             Mom’s Choice, Creative Child Magazine, and HomeSchool.com

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