What are the best toys for newborns to 3-month-old babies?

Initially, they explore with their eyes and ears only. Newborns can focus best at about 8 inchesBebies are attracted to bright and vibrant colors (20cm) from their faces, but this increases over time to 15 inches by the end of this period. Play objects should fit within their visual field at these distances.

They are attracted to bright and vibrant colors, especially yellows and reds, and to objects with
high-contrast patterns like black and white spirals. They will turn their heads in the direction of a sound, and are more attracted to objects that emit a gentle, soothing sound and that move slowly.

Much of these infants’ play involves watching and exploring their own body. At 3 months they begin to swipe or reach towards a dangling object to grasp it. Any object grasped is likely to be mouthed and to be handled with jerky, unpredictable motions. Therefore, soft, lightweight, washable, easy-to-grip objects with rounded corners are best.Toys that move or create sound by simple kicking

They start to learn and enjoy toys for which simple actions produce a clear, direct effect; for example, toys that light up, move, or create a sound as a result of simple kicking or shaking.

You can continue reading more about babies development during this 3 month or you can take a look at the list of toys we prepared for this age-group. In terms of development, I personally prefer to go month by month for the first 12 because their development is very fast during this time. I would suggest that if you are a parent or caregiver read also these sections as well:

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