What are the best toys for 9, 10, 11 and 12-year-old boys and girls?

Kids playing football

Children during this period continue to develop their skills at many of the sports, games, and activities from their early elementary years, however, some games become predictable and boring. Therefore, they are looking for a new range of activities to challenge their more advanced motor skills and thinking.

Instead of finished products, they often prefer raw materials for creating their own unique products. These children enjoy a variety of activities at a more complex, exacting level of performance, such as woodworking, manipulating marionettes, making pottery, staging plays, advanced science projects, and generating computer graphics. They are beginning a stage where they seek to clarify and express more complex concepts, moving from the concrete to the abstract and applying general principles to the particular.


Children in this age group like to emulate popular teen characters, sports stars, and musicians by using licensed products in which they are featured. The decisions they make are much more subject to media and peer influences than was previously the case.