What are the best toys for 6,7 and 8-year-old boys and girls?

Play Risk

These children continue their interest in physical play outdoors, seeking to master more specialized physical skills. They are much stronger, have greater endurance, and are ready for more challenges. Their play includes more rough-and-tumble or risk-taking behaviors. They focus more on playing their games and activities by spontaneous or set rules, either of which can be complex.

Common games outside include hide-n-seek, cops and robbers, capture and escape, tag, and sports of all kinds. They often want to focus on and develop specific skills, and are adept at a variety of activities requiring great dexterity, such as complex hand games, jacks, snapping fingers, tying a bow, constructing models, operating hand puppets, needlepoint, sewing, weaving, and braiding.


They can make small, controlled marks or movements while drawing or writing. They pay much more attention to detail, which facilitates a desire for collecting. At this stage they start using logic more often to solve problems, organize, or choose from a variety of alternatives.

 Their appreciation for simple jokes and riddles grows during this period. Licensed characters based on action superhero themes or friendship themes are very popular early on with this age group. As children approach age 9, they begin to shift their interests away from cartoon characters to more real life characters like professional sports stars and real life television, music, and movie stars.