What are the best toys for 4 and 5-year-old boys and girls?

little girl's playing doctor

These children like to invent complex and dramatic make-believe scenarios. They can build upon each other’s play themes, create and coordinate several roles in an elaborate scenario, and better understand story lines.

Many of these children still have difficulty understanding the differences between fantasy and reality. For example, children of this age may believe that monsters are real. They enjoy stepping into roles of power, like a parent, doctor, policeman, lion, or superhero, which helps them to better understand these roles, to make them less scary, or to fulfill wishes and express a broad range of emotions. Gentle television characters begin to lose their popularity as superheroes and other more action-oriented characters begin to replace them.Toys that are based on popular programs let children share roles with other viewers of the same program to create a ready-made play script.Kid-Bike

They begin to desire objects with more realistic detail, yet they still are not very concerned about mirroring reality. They enjoy frequent trips outside to run, climb, hop, skip, and chase. They are learning to ride small bicycles, first with and then without training wheels. They are much more able to cut with scissors, paste, trace, draw, color, and string beads than 3-year-old. They also have enough dexterity and coordination to start using a computer keyboard.