Singing and dancing stuffed animals

Show your kid how!  Start by exploring all the features of a toy together and then let them try . You can engage even more by taking their hands and try to show them how they should do it. These are one of finest dancing and singing stuffed animal out there. To present you with some real feedback on this product, Below the following videos there are some reviews by people. You can find more of these toys Here. Enjoy!


Very cute! Realistic sound and movement. Very well made and fun to watch. My wife can’t stop playing with him!

“My kids love this dog. I got the first one when my kids were under a year. It was used so much it broke. I had to get another one. My kids are 4 and 5 now and still play with this toy. It is simply adorable. All kids know the song the dog sings and can relate to the toy that sounds like them. You can’t go wrong with this ear flapping, hand clapping singing dog.”

“Teddy was a hit and listened to daily before Christmas by my grandchildren and friends, ages 2 to 8. The younger were mesmerized by the cute bear’s moving mouth and body. The older followed along with an illustrated book. The “Night Before Christmas ” rendition is word-for-word and done is a sweet, clear voice.”