It is one of the oldest toys in our history. An early baby’s rattle, a 2500-year-old rattle, in the shape of a pillow made from clay and filled with small balls was found in a polish village. Rattles are good for baby because they provide the stimulations s/he needs. It will excite him when he discovers by holding an object and moving his arms he can make a change in outside world (cause and effect). So somehow, he will learn to interact with outside world and explore it. Here is a short list of how rattles are helpful for your baby.

How “Rattles” help babies developing their skills:

  • brighColorful rings:     Develops eye movement (smooth tracking)
  • Rattle sounds:                  Develops further the hearing and finding the direction of sound
  • Grabbing rings:                Hand/eye coordination with the help of the sound rattle makes
  • Cause and effect:             Making sound every time she moves the rattle
  • Teething relief:                 Some of the rattles are also useful for Teething as well.
  • Fingers:                             Some of the rattles helps each finger to function separately from others

Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattlebright starts grab and spin rattle

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.7/5 by 200 buyers

Seller information:    (eBay) blackflower1999

Feedback score: +8040, 99.5% positive feedback 

Price: $6.07

Customer Reviews:

“My son (3 months) loves this. It’s easily his favorite toy. He loves how it rattles, that he can grab it easily, and the rings add some interest. It is greatly helping with his hand-eye coordination development and hand mobility. He also adores the rattle part – if you hold it in front of him and shake it, his eyes get huge and he starts to shake from excitement. He likes it so much that I got a second one in case I lose it or leave it somewhere.”

“One of the first toys my baby reached for, and she hasn’t put it down since. The colors seem to catch her eye and the size is just perfect for her small fingers to latch on to.”

“My son is 3 months and this is his favorite toy. He loves to hold onto it, shake it and put it in his mouth.”


Oball ShakerOball Shaker

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Seller information:    (eBay) gojerusalem

Feedback score: +1876, 99.9% positive feedback 

Price: $6.53

Customer Reviews:

“My son really likes this rattle. The middle has little balls in it that rattle when you shake it, but it is rather quiet so the toy is not annoying at all. He likes to chew on the blue and green ends which are a softer plastic. It gives him a different texture to play with.”

“Our 5.5-month-old loves this rattle! The holes are perfect for his little fingers the grasp the toy. Would recommend.”

“My son is 3 months and this is his favorite toy. He loves to hold onto it, shake it and put it in his mouth.”



Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.5/5 by 200 buyers

Seller information:    (eBay) etailzinc

Feedback score: +16040, 99.7% positive feedback 

Price: $22.99

Extra feature: it lights up when you hit it, very good for cause-effect training. It also has a mirror at the bottom.

Customer Reviews:

“Bought when my little guy was 2 months and he absolutely loved it. It was his favorite toy for quite a while. When we first received it, you could tell he was trying to figure out how it changed color. After a few weeks, he caught on and would shake it and smiled every time it would be changed to a different color. He also loved the mirror on the bottom. 4 stars because after about 2-3 months the light stopped working.” – Pay attention you should clean it with wet towel (a bit wet not too much)

“This is a very fun toy. The light is sensitive to motion and the color changes each time it is moved. My granddaughter loves it! It is a nice quality and is durable. My granddaughter has dropped it out of her stroller onto the pavement a few times, and it has survived just fine and still works great. We love it!”

“My 10-month-old son has special needs, and every one of his therapists loves this rattle.”


Sassy Rattlin Rings
Sassy Rattlin Rings

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.6/5 by 414 buyers

Seller information:    (eBay) etailzinc

Feedback score: +16040, 99.7% positive feedback 

Price: $10.99

Extra feature: The black and white stripes and dots are perfect for newborn visual stimulation.

Customer Reviews:

“My daughter loved playing with this toy from age 3 months to 12 months. It’s small and simple but has the eye-catching pattern and the rings were fun for her to slide around. This toy is the perfect size to keep stored in the diaper bag for times when baby gets fussy on the go and made a great option for my daughter to play with on car rides.”

“Super cute rattles! He doesn’t hold them himself yet, but he loves to look at them! I bought two of them just in case we loose one (we usually do that with most toys). They were a little bigger than I thought but still a good size. They came a little dirty so I would recommend cleaning them for sure. Overall a great product and I would recommend and or buy again.”

“Money well spent. My daughter LOVED it. It was bigger than I expected. She loved to rattle, definitely one of her favorites.”