My Very Own World Adventure

my very own world 

This book starts out with a dedication page with the baby’s name and birthdate and a little note from you.  Then the story starts with beautiful illustrations and talks about going on a magic carpet ride. look how wonderful they do it:
“Let’s Go, (name), on a magic carpet ride!

Join me and my friends, and we’ll be your guides!

We’re off for adventure! How much fun this will be!

Your name is the clue to the countries we’ll see.

We’ll fly over mountains and deserts of sand

to meet children who will give you a gift from their land”

The book then takes your child on a tour through the letters of their name, where each letter takes you to a country whose name starts with that letter. With each letter, they introduced a new country and a child from the country.  The child from the country will tell about their country and a custom or tradition and they will present a gift to the reader where the gift has some local significance. For instance, with S and Spain, the child presents a gift of castanet Or with I and Ireland, the child present a harp.

“A symbol of Ireland for hundreds of years, the harp makes a sound that’s a gift to your ears”

The back of the book includes small versions of all 63 countries available so you can see all pictures, not just those in the name presented.

Remember if your child’s name is too short like “Eva King” then you can also use the middle name as well. Just make it fun for her to see more amazing things in other countries.

You can also look inside the book here.

another amazing thing about this book is that $1 of every purchase will be donated to Room to Read to help support global literacy. Room to Read is an award-winning non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world.

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