My Very Own Fairy Tale

The I See Me collection of personalized storybooks allows you to create a story that just belongs to your child.

If you have a kid who is obsessed with princesses then My Very Own Fairy Tale is the best choice for a gift. Fairies spell out her name, ultimately crowning her their very own princess! It is like a dream come true for her. Adding a new letter with each page, will helping you to teach her how to spell her own name while describing character traits that make her the perfect princess candidate. There are hidden fairies throughout the book, and a glossary of flowers at the end.

This educational book is designed to help show the child how absolutely special and unique she is. this improves her self-esteem.

It’s not just about the pretty  images and beautiful poetry. It will teach your kid to be a better person. Like for Letter I from the Inula Fairy: “I know a generous girl who is Inspiring to me/ She’s as giving and kind as a princess should be.” Or tulip fairy (for T) “I’ve been thinking about this all morning long / If we find a thoughtful girl we can’t go wrong”. These are guidelines for her to become a better person.

You can also look inside the book here.

Awards:           Mom’s Choice, Creative Child Magazine, and Family Choice

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