Musical crib mobiles

Crib mobile is one of the first activities your baby can do without having you around and enjoy her time. Your infant will spend many hours in her crib. Musical crib mobile is more entertaining for babies. Its music will soothe her and helps her to fall sleep easier at night and amuse her when she first wakes. A well-designed mobile (installed in the right place) will stimulate baby’s sight (focusing, smooth tracking) and hearing (with the different type of music).


How “musical crib mobiles” help babies developing their skills:

  • brighColorful mobile toys:     Develops eye movement (smooth tracking) and focusing
  • Music:                                           Develops further the hearing
  • Grabbing Toys:                            Hand/eye coordination when reaching for the spinning toys
  • Cause and effect:                        Changing the music by pressing a bottom (probably with light effect)

Tiny Love Soothe n Groove MobileTiny Love Soothe n Groove Mobile

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.6/5 by 300 buyers

Seller information:    Target 99.2% Positive feedback on eBay

Price: $57.99

Customer Reviews:

“This is a very nice mobile. Music is pleasing to listen to and has volume control. The removable mobile arm is a great feature. My twins are now a year old and still very interested in it, they love to press all of the buttons and see the lights. I can see them using this over the next few years since is has a carrying handle for just the music box.”

“My 3-month-old loves this thing. The first time he’s gone down easily for a nap in his own crib, which was awesome. Highly recommend.”

“There are six musical selections, from jazz to classical, and white noise. The mobile runs through the six selections for a total of an hour, or you can pick one for it to stay on.
The three plush animals are cute and colorful and I don’t know if it was manufactured this way intentionally or not….but they make a small clicking noise when they rotate. I found it kinda nice and it didn’t disturb either of my boys.
Lastly, is the night-light. The light is a soft blue hue, I think it would have been nice to have one that slowly changed colors. The fact that it doesn’t is by no means a disappointment, just a suggestion.”


Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Tiny PrincessTiny Love Take Along Mobile, Tiny Princess

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.5/5 by 1020 buyers

Seller information:  ToysRUs 97.9% Positive feedback on eBay

Price: $21.59

Customer Reviews:

“Sturdy and fun. My baby loves this mobile! He loves to watch the cute figures turn over his crib. I really like that it doesn’t require screws to attach it to the crib. It is easy to remove, and we frequently move it from the crib to the pack and play. I like the music that comes with it, but I wish it was a little quieter when the music isn’t playing. There is a bit of a grinding sound when it is on, but this seems to be a common complaint about mobiles. I really like this product.”

“Baby and I LOVE this! I will forever be buying this as a gift for new parents.
Spins with and without music for 20mins (I think). Gender neutral with bright bold figures that face baby. It detaches in two different ways so it can travel. We use it on her car seat, pack and play, stroller, crib, and bassinet.”

“It’s awesome. The colors are great not too electric bright but still colorful. It plays nice calm classical like lullabies and attaches to anything. Love it.Be careful about the clip size it cannot be opened more than an inch or so.


Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Animal Friends
Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.5/5 by 1040 buyers

Seller information:   (eBay) salefreaksan

Price: $25.05

Customer Reviews:

“We loved how portable the mobile is. We could easily remove from the crib and attach to his car seat during longer car rides. Our baby is almost 6 months old and he still loves staring at his mobile before he lays down for a nap. The vibrant colors are amazing!”

“Great little mobile for the money. Fits the Pac n Play nicely. Music was nice and soothed my grandson perfectly. As he got older and was able to reach the mobile he would grab and pull and it held up just fine. Have now packed it away for the next grandbaby ”

“I got this when my son was 8 weeks and he really didn’t pay attention to it. But once he hit 12 weeks he began to love it. He will watch it while laying quietly and occasionally cooing or giggling. He’s now 5 months and he still likes it. I love that it’s portable and has auto shutoff. I don’t see why anyone would buy one that isn’t, given a number of contraptions our babies have to sleep/play in nowadays. Very happy with this mobileBe careful about the clip size it cannot be opened more than an inch or so.


Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo LeavesFisher-Price Musical Mobile, Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.4/5 by 830 buyers

Seller information:   (eBay) dealtimes2014

Price: $25.05

Customer Reviews:

“I love this baby mobile! I had the exact one when our son was born. I then gave the first one away thinking we were done with babies. Well now four years later we have our infant daughter. She loves watching the animals go around and the palm trees go up and down. I love that it has different music/nature sounds along with choosing if you want just music or just the mobile to run. The sound settings are great also. The highest is not too loud and the soft is perfect as they drift to sleep.”

“Love this thing. It keeps my baby occupied and it calms him when he starts to get agitated. The music is soothing for him and he likes looking at the vibrant colors on this. ”

“Wish the night light was brighter. Good quality. My son pulls and tugs on it all the time and its still working”