How “Teether” helps babies:

Around the third month, some babies will start teething. It’s a painful process for your baby (most of the time) and there are things you can do to reduce the pain. Chilling washcloth(wet) or an infant teething toy that your baby can chew on. They work because they put gentle pressure on a baby’s sore gums and Pressure relieves the pain of teething. We also use cold temperature because we need to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Be careful about the temperature of the toy, it should not be freezing it just needs to be cold (keep the toy in the fridge, not freezer). There are many different types of teether toys and depend on his\her preference you can choose different teether toys. Like for example if he likes to chew on blankets then soft teething blanket is best for him. If he likes to chew on hard materials then a stiffer polyester or food grade silicon can do the job. Most of the teething toys also help to develop your baby’s skills as well:

  • brighColorful:                         Develops eye movement (smooth tracking)
  • squeaky sound:                           Develops further the hearing
  • Grabbing Toys:                            Hand/eye coordination (when they grab the toys and put in mouth)
  • Cause and effect:                        Chewing on a toy relieve their pain + maybe a squeaky sound

Baby Banana Bendable Training ToothbrushBaby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.7/5 by 3600 buyers

Seller information:  (eBay)  happytimesforever

Price: $9.35

Customer Reviews:

“my daughter is teething I gave it to her at 5 months she’s one-year-old now she still loves chewing on it and it really cleans her teeth I have 2 now just in case I loose one”

“My son loves this! Genius design and the perfect size. I also love that it’s not latex, we can’t use the adorable latex animal teethers because I’m allergic.”

“This is Live-Right, creator of the Baby Banana Brush. In the unlikely event that bristles do become dislodged, all of our products are made from the highest grade food quality silicone, and are lead and BPA free. If a bristle is ingested, it will pass harmlessly. Authentic Baby Banana Brush products have been tested. We have received a Bureau Veritas Safety Certificate, and we retest our products on a regular basis in order to maintain our high standards..”


Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity ToyManhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.6/5 by 1900 buyers

Seller information:  (eBay) blackflower1999

Price: $14.33

Customer Reviews:

“This toy is pliable and rubbery. The loops easily fit into the mouth and satisfy my teething child more than any teether I have purchased. The multiple loops are easy to grab for my 8-month-old to manipulate the toy. Soft jiggle noise is not annoying. Can slam it on the highchair tray and still hear myself think. Also great for learning to throw and catch.”

“This toy was one of the first toys that my daughter paid much attention to. At 7 months she is still very into it. It is good for teething babies. She likes to chew on it and whack it on the floor or whatever surface is nearby. It makes a rattling noise”

“This is my son’s favorite toy. It’s easy for him to grasp and hold with either or both hands and he can put any part of it into his mouth without much difficulty.”


The First Years Star Teething BlanketThe First Years Star Teething Blanket

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.5/5 by 520 buyers

Seller information:  (eBay) fastplanet

Price: $8.30

Customer Reviews:

“My 4-month-old baby absolutely loves this toy! It’s the perfect size, material & shape because I can just place it on her belly when she’s laying down, and it won’t fall far. Most of her other toys tend to fall and she can’t reach them or doesn’t see where they went. This one is nice and big, easy to grab, and it makes a fun/curious crinkly sound when she picks it up.”

“4.5-month-old baby loves this thing! It crinkles really loudly and there are a squeaker and rubbery chewable parts. I like that it can hang from above too”

“My son loves to hug and crinkle the blanket. He started teething at 2 1/2 months and this was the only toy he could fit in his mouth to chew on!”


BEBE Silicone CookiesBEBE Silicone Cookie

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.8/5 by 310 buyers

Seller information:  (eBay) geffen2007

Price: $13.60

Customer Reviews:

“Our 5-month-old teething baby loves these! I was concerned about them being small, but they are plenty large enough to not be a choking hazard at all and so that she can hold and manipulate them easily. They seem to really soothe her sore gums with the ridges and texture of the cookie and they seem very solid like they will hold up well. Very pleased :)”

“My 6-month-old baby girl just started teething, these were recommended in a baby led weaning group I’m a part of. They are not only adorable but have the right amount of texture to soothe sore gums. I’m so glad they came in a two pack because my two-year-old wanted one of them to wear!”

“My son is showing signs of teething so I had to get something quick before it goes into full blown pain mode. He enjoys the teether a lot, more than his soothasaurus. I gave the other teether to my friend who has a 9-month-old teething monster and she approves it as well. ”


Silicone Teething Necklace, 100% food grade siliconeSilicone Teething Necklaces

Product feedback (amazon, eBay):  4.9/5 by 130 buyers

Seller information:  (eBay) sclteach

Price: $16.99

Customer Reviews:

“My sister in law owns a daycare and this is a life saver! She simply wears the necklace while holding up to 2 babies at a time and the babies immediately grab the necklace and keeps them content. Not only is this soothing to the baby but saves the person holding the baby from having her own earrings and necklace pulled and chewed on!”

“Awesome! This necklace is a lifesaver when you have a teething baby. Love the color and my son can’t get enough of this. I wish I would have had one with my first child! All mommies need one of these!”

“This product is amazing! I haven’t been able to wear jewelry for a while because my son pulls it off but with this, it won’t break when he pulls on it! And he chews on it and it seems to really help his gums so far! I absolutely recommend this! ”