We believe children should decide themselves what kind of toys they feel comfortable or want to play with. Toys with Gender Label reinforce the idea that gender is the primary determinant of interests and skills. I found this video relevant:  Childhood Gender Roles In Adult Life

More gender-neutral toys would help boys and girls discover their own unique interests, rather than be boxed into gender-specific expectations.
What we are trying to say is there are gender preferences and we all know that but we, as parents, should not force them  (by putting limitation on their choices) to play with labeled toys and call them “appropriate toys for you”. This is not going to help them to develop their skills and personality to the fullest.

We made a list of toys for Boys and Girls. We also made HIM/HER list which includes all of the other two lists. It would be the best if you show them this list and ask them what they really like.

HIM                       HIM/HER                        HER