Hey everyone,

I am Jagulba. I think we all remember some of the gifts we got when we were kids.
I remember vividly the first time my aunt bought me Lego (the alien moon stalker). I was 6 years old and when she gave it to me  I couldn’t move for like half an hour (just looking at its cover). The colored windows, those red light-saber and people with moon mark on their bodies. I played with them day and night and made up Hundreds of stories. It was one of the best times in my life.

But it wasn’t the end. There was also the walkies-talkie’s era when we became soldiers in front-line and ready to attack the enemy behind the couch where our dad was taking a nap. Sometimes we were policeman surrounding Mafia’s house and waiting for the signal to raid the house. Of course it was the kitchen and we wanted to know what we will have for dinner.

All kids will remember the special gifts they get, because those gifts will help them to create new worlds that only belongs to them.

I’m here to make sure that  you can give your little ones the gift they remember forever. That is my hope and I will try my best to make that happen.

I also ask that if I ever say anything that captures your interest or if you have anything interesting that you want to share or any opinions of any of the content I have created on my site, please do speak up. I love feedback in every form.